Rabu, 4 November 2009

Start On Time

Punctuality has to stressed and observed. Too much time is lost when meeting start late. The early birds get annoyed with the late comers and this does not generate a good atmosphare for the meeting. Somestimes the Chaiperson, Secretary, Treasure or other key member is late himself or herself. Talk about the leadership by example!

Ahad, 4 Oktober 2009

When I Smile.... =)

Laugther is good medicine for me. There is perhaps some truth in the saying ; An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Many doctors and psychologists believe laughter is good for the physical and mental health of a person. It has good healing effects.

This what i get when i laughter....:
  • It gives a healthy workout to many organs in the body.
  • It improves blood circulation.
  • It helps to burn off calories.
  • It can helps in relieving headaches.
  • It lightens stress, anxiety, depression and pain.
and others.....

Jumaat, 28 Ogos 2009

My Ramadan's DairY

Ramadan was honourable month that coming one a year.
As a muslim, i must to fulfil Islam's divine command to fasting in this Ramadan.

Some story i want to sharing...
story behinde this Ramadan...

I'm studied in one Of IPT in Kelantan.. Fate and fade.. I'm choosen to be a roomate with 3 girls non muslims from Tambunan, Sabah. They're Elcy(LC), Marcell and Elevera(Vera). They was a frendly person.

Funny Story insides...
This story telling about first moment they're three fasting in Ramadan with us, that muslims's realigion.
Kak Dayah 20, Aina 18, Afiqah 18,and me are muslim in B8's rooms.

Saturday 22 August 09, Ramadan 1430 hijri...
Kak Dayah, Aina, Niza(A13's roomate), and me are muslim and Marcell, Vera are non muslim join us to sahur with intention to fasting.. After solat Subuh, we're just get a rest and sleeps.. well...fasting..
One from us are muslims are not fasting because one reasons that cannot to quarrel.. hehehe..
I'm still remembered that around 2.30-3.30pm, after i came back from surau cause joint tadarus Quran, in rooms, i have see that Marcell, Vera and LC sitting nearest arrangement cupboards furniture with one muslim's girls that cannot fasting.. they're talking frendly. afew minuts later, i came close to and joins sitting with them. There're smiling strangely..
With feels of couriusly i just sitting and look up and try to undestands what are topic that they're talking about..

Around 10 mints....
one of them stand up from sitting..
and..Marcell giving to Afiqah a piece of empty junction foods's plastic that,s want to throw away.

Hence, i know that they are not fasting..
That's three non muslims can't maintain to fasting perfectly that day because when they looking one from us ate junction foods..
Moreover, they are not compulsory to fasting as well as muslims that been Islam's command..